Nigel Farage Accuses West Of 'Poking The Russian Bear With A Stick'

The former leader of the Brexit Party's hot take on Putin's invasion has crashed and burned on Twitter.
Nigel Farage has claimed Nato and EU expansion is to blame for Russia's attack
Nigel Farage has claimed Nato and EU expansion is to blame for Russia's attack
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Nigel Farage has waded into the commentary around Russia’s invasion of Ukraine – and blamed the EU and Nato expansion for the unprovoked attack.

Farage, known for his far-right, Eurosceptic views and support of ex-president Donald Trump, was previously the leader of both UKIP and the Brexit Party.

He has never been elected to Parliament as an MP, but was an MEP (member of the European Parliament) for 20 years and has been a vocal presence on the periphery of British politics for decades.

On Thursday – after a significant period of silence – he tweeted, “Well I was wrong,” referring to his previous suggestion that the Russian president would not attack Ukraine.

Farage continued: “Putin has gone much further than I thought he would.”

However, he then pointed the finger at Western forces which have been attempting to de-escalate the tensions for months.

Farage said: “A consequence of EU and Nato expansion, which came to a head in 2014. It made no sense to poke the Russian bear with a stick.

“These are dark days for Europe.”

Here’s how that’s gone down on Twitter...

In the run-up to his invasion, Putin did call on Nato (the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation) to never let Ukraine became an official member off the group – Nato said no, and vowed to protect Ukraine’s sovereignty.

Farage also claimed this week that the EU’s expansion was to blame for Putin’s paranoia, which prompted a response from a former Ukrainian president, Viktor Yanukoych, who is pro-Russia.

He was ousted in 2014 as the Ukrainian public made its desire to be more aligned with the West clear.

Yanukoych told GB News: “Yes we know the Russian can be paranoid, but why poke the Russian bear with a stick?

“If Vladimir Putin’s one demand is that we state clearly that Ukraine is not going to join Nato, why don’t we do it?”

Farage has expressed his admiration for Putin in the past, again justifying Russia’s annexation of Crimea in 2014 by claiming the EU had been “weak and vain” and “poking the Russian bear with a stick”.


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