Night Tube Service Top Tips To Ensure You Enjoy The London Underground Right Through The Night

We admit they haven't been approved by TfL.

Almost a year late, the London Underground network will start by rolling out services on the Central and Victoria lines.

That means night owls will be able to travel the network on Saturdays and Sundays from 12.30 – 5.30am.

The remaining lines are due to be in operation by autumn.

We’ve put together some of our top tips for ensuring you get the most out of the new Night Tube service...

Make extreme eye contact with everyone in your carriage and smile encouragingly at newcomers
Oliver Strewe via Getty Images
Londoners are famously friendly and welcome all attempts at chit-chat and with a few drinks inside you, your conversational skills will be even stronger.
Forget tinder, this is your chance to meet someone IRL
Daniel Berehulak via Getty Images
Crack onto anyone who accidentally makes eye contact. The Night Tube will be a singleton's paradise.
Don't worry about taking your rubbish with you
Daniel Berehulak via Getty Images
The cleaners who work on the Underground like to see the evidence that you've had a fun night out.
Normal rules about sliding down the escalators will not apply
Edward Smith/EMPICS Entertainment
Best to take advantage by using your increased coordination, confidence and pain threshold caused by your severely inebriated state to make sure you don't miss your train.
Catch 40 winks while on your way home from a night out
Carlos Lopez-Barillas via Getty Images
It's your fellow passengers' responsibility to wake you up and hey, you can just keep riding back-and-forth on the line until you finally make it home.
Don't let your kebab get cold by waiting until you get off the Tube
Foodcollection via Getty Images
Fellow passengers will encourage you to take advantage of the Tube's bright lighting and comfortable seats by spreading the contents of your tasty-smelling snack all over them and the carriage. Seat fabric is also highly absorbent and so is great for wiping your greasy mitts on afterwards.
Ignore the huge gap between the train and the platform
claudiodivizia via Getty Images
When you've had a few bevvies, both your balance and depth perception are bound to be much more finely tuned. This means it's not nearly as important to stand behind the yellow line and ignore the huge gap between the train and the platform.
Show off your pole-dancing skills on the train
RAUL ARBOLEDA via Getty Images
Everyone knows you shouldn't hog the pole on the Tube. The only exception is on the Night Tube when it is absolutely appropriate to show off your pole-dancing skills on the train.
Take advantage of the quieter morning hours to transport unwieldy items
stockcam via Getty Images
Usually frowned upon such as a full sized bike, a flatpack Ikea king size bed or a large box of bees will be encouraged.
Wearing earphones will be strongly discouraged
Halfpoint via Getty Images
It doesn't matter what type of music you're into, you fellow passengers will be keen to hear your best singing.

Speaking about the new service, London Mayor Sadiq Khan told the Evening Standard: “I have made getting the Night Tube up and running a priority, and London Underground has now confirmed that services on the first two lines will launch on 19 August.”

The announcement is the latest apparent victory on public transport for Khan, who has also vowed to make the Tube safer amid overcrowding fears.

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