Nike Model Grace Victory Shuts Down Plus-Size Haters On Social Media

Do not mess with her. 💥

Grace Victory has taken on critics on social media after they slated her debut modelling campaign for Nike’s plus-size collection.

Launched this month, Nike enlisted fashion bloggers, Victory and Danielle Vanier, to front the campaign for their first-time plus-size Black And White Collection.

Taking to Twitter many attacked Nike for ‘promoting an healthy lifestyle’ with the new sportswear range.

Victory retweeted the criticism to her followers with the greatest of comebacks.

“LOOOOOL! Do not get me started,” Victory tweeted.

“Fat-shaming me and my girl on our Nike campaign is hilarious,” she said. “We be laughing all the damn way to the bank.”

While some criticised others have been extremely complimentary of this minor milestone for sportswear.

Ballers be ballin’.


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