25/01/2017 18:03 GMT | Updated 25/01/2017 19:38 GMT

Nine-Year-Old Syrian Boy Invites America's President To His Birthday Party

Away from Trump's anti-refugee rhetoric, a little boy in Lebanon has a request.

Nine-year-old Ali Harba would like the president of America to come to his birthday party, which he will hold in a tent in an informal settlement in Lebanon.

Ali does not know who Donald Trump is or that the American president is expected to sign an executive order making it harder for refugees like him to find sanctuary in the US.

He is originally from Qusair, near Homs in Syria, but fled with his mother, brother and cousins four years ago when his father was killed. 

Ali has a speech impediment, which is due to the trauma he has suffered.

When he grows up, Ali would like to be a journalist. At the moment, he’s getting some valuable experience at the Young Journalists’ Press Club, which is run by the Beyond Centre in Bekaa Valley.