05/02/2018 11:35 GMT

8 Cute Pieces From New Label Ninety Percent That Aims To Donate Majority Of Profit To Chairty

Fashion staples priced from £30-£350.

New fashion label Ninety Percent has pledged to donate 90% of it’s distributed profits to charitable causes and the people who made each garment. 

The rise of labels like Philippa K and People Tree means that sustainable fashion is quickly becoming less of an ‘alternative’ style choice and more of a competitor in the retail world. 

Not only is ethical fashion a kinder way to shop, it’s also becoming aesthetically accessible and Ninety Percent is very much a part of this.  

“Our collection stands proudly on its own,” Ben Matthews, the label’s creative director, told Refinery 29.

“The pioneering business model should never speak louder than the product and an ethical stance should be at the foundation of all brands, it’s the future.”

The customer will play a key role in deciding where profits go by voting for the charity of their choice using a special code in the label of their purchased garment. 

One thing to note is that  the brand has promised to donate 90% of profits - not turnover, but Matthews addressed this issue with The Telegraph.

“We’ve pledged to donate a certain amount, regardless,” he said. “But rest assured, we will turn a profit. We want to make a difference, and to do that, we’ll need this to be huge.”

Stylistically, Ninety Percent is sure to give popular high street brands a run for their money. It has a number of relaxed but pretty pieces that would be perfect for casual dress in spring and summer. The offering consists of staples with a twist at the £30-£350 price point.

The designs are intended to last past the end of the season, as an antidote to fast fashion.

Here’s our line-up of 8 cute pieces that work that little bit harder than staples:

  • Ninety Percent
    Deep V plaited-jersey bodysuit, £90.
  • Ninety Percent
    Deep V plaited jersey cami dress, £130.
  • Ninety Percent
    Matilda frill sleeve T-shirt, £40.
  • Ninety Percent
    Wide-leg sweatpants, £110.
  • Ninety Percent
    Sweatband waist dress, £80.
  • Ninety Percent
    Drawcord maxi skirt, £80.
  • Ninety Percent
    Metallic knitted polo shirt, £80.
  • Ninety Percent
    Ruched drawcord bomber, £140.