#NoWomanEver Reminds Us That Street Harassment Is Never A Compliment


A powerful hashtag, #NoWomanEver, is serving as an important (and hilarious) reminder that nothing positive ever comes from street harassment.

As obvious as this might sound, the verbal and physical abuse so frequently levelled at women - veiled as "a compliment" or "romantic interest" - means that even in 2016 women still need to remind us all that a catcall won't be getting you a date.

CJ, from Atlanta, USA, inspired the hashtag after a man at a CVS pharmacy tried to block her path and talk to her whilst she was shopping, despite her making it obvious she was not interested.

Afterwards, CJ took to Twitter to share her experience with others and remind everyone that unwanted advances never lead to happily ever after.

CJ told Buzzfeed News: "It just really made me feel like we've had this conversation so many times, they [men] should know to either leave people alone or not engage in the conversation."

Her sassy response then inspired other women to share their own stories with the hashtag #NoWomanEver.

Not only is it the things that strangers say to women on the street, but the great flirting tactics that men have deployed via phone.

Not to mention, great office banter.

We really have a long way to go...

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