30/11/2018 10:45 GMT | Updated 30/11/2018 13:26 GMT

I'm A Celebrity's Noel Edmonds Drives Around In A Routemaster Bus So He Can Avoid Traffic. Yes, Really

He's shared another anecdote from his weird and wonderful life.

Noel Edmonds shocked ‘I’m A Celebrity’ viewers and his campmates alike after admitting he drives around Bristol in a double decker bus in a bid to jump traffic. 

The former ‘Deal Or No Deal?’ presenter also claimed to have inadvertently cost his local council money, after they took action when he was caught driving a taxi without the appropriate paperwork. 

Noel Edmonds

On Thursday’s show, Noel told his campmates his wife had previously bought him a black cab in a bid to cut down his commute, but he was forced to get even more inventive after his ploy was found out. 

He explained: “Bristol’s traffic is chaotic and so Liz bought me a black cab and I got to work in 20 minutes rather than an hour and 20 minutes. I can claim to be the person that cost Bristol Council a huge amount of money because when I hit the news that I was going down the bus lane in my black cab, which is legal, they put cameras on all the lanes.

He continued: “I used to have a mannequin in the back called Candice. Because when it was wet and I pulled up at the lights people tried to get in.

“I reckoned I saved five months of my life when I added up the hours in the morning and evening. But when I got the ticket I didn’t take my cab in the bus lane any more. I did what any sane person would do. I bought a bus - I have a Routemaster bus.

“I can drive it on a car licence as long as there are no more than nine people on board,” said Noel.

The vision of Noel driving around the streets of Bristol in a double decker was too bizarre for many to take on board (pun intended): 

Last night’s episode also saw Nick Knowles, Harry Redknapp and John Barrowman battle it out as the Immunity Games began. 

The trio competed in a special Bushtucker Trial to form teams who will go on to win immunity from the first vote-off, which takes place tonight. 

‘I’m A Celebrity’ continues tonight at 9pm on ITV. 

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