Noel Edmonds Says He Does Not Regret Asking Cancer Survivor If ‘Negative Thoughts’ Caused Their Disease In Awkward ‘Victoria Derbyshire’ Interview

'I asked him a perfectly reasonable question.'

Noel Edmonds says he has no regrets for asking a cancer survivor if they thought their negative thoughts caused the disease in an awkward interview on Victoria Derbyshire’s BBC show.

The former ‘Deal Or No Deal’ presenter appeared on Tuesday morning’s show (13 March) to talk about his legal battle with Lloyds when talk turned to his unconventional beliefs.


Victoria – who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015 – asked if he regretted tweeting the cancer survivor.

Noel replied: “I regret the fact he didn’t answer the question. It is a scientific fact that negative energy causes disease and negative thoughts are part of that process. It changes the outcome and millions of doctors and scientists will tell you that.”

When he was pushed to answer if he thought what he had tweeted was a “horrible thing to say”, he said: “No because I asked him a perfectly reasonable question.”

Victoria then asked: “Do you think all cancers can be caused by negative attitudes?”

He replied “no,” claiming he is “not a doctor” to which the host hit back: “Exactly.”

“Sorry the point your making is?” Noel asked her. “I don’t understand the link you’re making. I wasn’t doing a diagnosis. I was asking a question. We need to explore a lot more about the energy of the human body.”

His controversial views didn’t go down well with some viewers.

Noel, who was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2013, also opened up about how he dealt with the disease.

“I was determined I would come at it with a smile, befriend my tumour and I wouldn’t talk about attacking cancer,” he said. “I would just ask it to leave. My doctor said he’d never met such a positive person.”

He continued: “I called it my little friend and I would ask it to go away. I changed certain aspects of my diet and I am a huge advocate of pulse electromagnetism which I think has a role to play in illnesses.”


This isn’t the first time Noel has faced criticism for his personal views and claims about cancer.

He previously took part in an awkward interview with Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby on ‘This Morning’, when he claimed pulsed electromagnetism can help with tackling cancer.

Noel said: “This is my belief based on personal experience that it helps with fighting, if you want to use that word - I call it tackling - cancer.”


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