victoria derbyshire

The PM is keen to get planes to Rwanda off the ground, but is yet to show the same enthusiasm to get alleged rape cases through the courts.
Brendan Clarke-Smith faced BBC Newsnight audience in Doncaster that resoundingly dismissed impact of flagship government policy.
The ex-PM is one of the prominent politicians leading the Popular Conservatives movement.
Robert Jenrick told Victoria Derbyshire "the public are undecided" despite Labour's seismic wins in Tamworth and Mid Bedfordshire.
The shadow foreign secretary said MPs "should be very careful" not to drive division.
"Are you sure you've read it?" asks the BBC Newsnight host, who really is across the detail.
The former UKIP leader accused the Conservatives of failing to take advantage of the decision to leave the EU.
Tony Blair's ex-spin doctor left Victoria Derbyshire and Alex Phillips looking aghast with his outburst.