09/11/2016 16:00 GMT | Updated 09/11/2016 16:04 GMT

NUS Women's Officer Hareem Ghani Slams White Women For Donald Trump's Win

She implied white women were 'snakes' for voting for the Republican candidate.

An NUS Women’s Officer has deleted her Twitter account after posting a series of messages that appeared to suggest white women were to blame for Donald Trump’s election as president. 

In one tweet, Hareem Ghani, who was elected a Women’s Officer in April, used an image from the Great British Bake Off to imply that white women were snakes for voting for Trump, using the hashtag #USElection2016. 

Election data shows that 53% of white American women voted for the Republican candidate for president.  

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Hareem Ghani was elected as NUS Womens Officer in April
Hareem Ghani Twitter
Ghani appeared to call white women snakes in reaction to the shock election result

When another Twitter user criticised her, commenting “come on now”, Ghani replied: “pls, I think WoC [women of colour] are more than entitled to be pissed off today (of all days).” 

Hareem Ghani Twitter
The NUS officer received some support for her message online

The former King’s College London student then went on to post a tweet stating that 66% of white women had voted for Trump, commenting “lol am I surprised?” 

Hareem Ghani Twitter
Ghani studied at Kings College London before joining the NUS 

Exit polls have shown 53% of white women voted for Trump. 

Ghani, who studied history as an undergraduate, also shared a message that read: “White women have always shit on woc [women of colour] and black women, it’s nothing surprising”.

It was shared alongside the statement: “When white women prioritise shitting on WOC over their own personal safety, but you still want to try this #unitedfeminism BS with me.”  

Hareem Ghani Twitter
The NUS Womens Officer posted a series of tweets after it was announced Trump had been elected as president

Ghani finally shared a photo from SOAS Student Union’s co-president Ali Habib of the words “white feminism” that had reportedly been used as a Halloween decoration.

Hareem Ghani Twitter
The NUS declined to comment on the officer's tweets

Before being elected as Women’s Officer, Ghani served as Women’s Officer at King’s College London’s Student Union, as well as co-president of the Intersectional Feminist Society. 

In her introductory message on the NUS website, she signs off with the statement: “Let’s dismantle the white cis hetero-patriarchy together!”       

When the Huffington Post UK approached the NUS with these tweets, the Women’s Officer promptly deleted her Twitter account. 

Both Ghani and the NUS declined to comment on the incident.