Obsession Star Charlie Murphy Reveals One Downside Of Filming Show's Raunchy Scenes

"There was no give in that hardwood – it was not great," the Anna Barton actor admitted.
Obsession on Netflix
Obsession on Netflix

Obsession star Charlie Murphy has revealed that filming the show’s intimate scenes wasn’t exactly a painless experience.

The actor – who plays Anna Barton in the Netflix drama about a surgeon who embarks upon a sex-fuelled affair with his son’s girlfriend – admitted she walked away from set with some injuries.

Speaking on the Reign With Josh Smith podcast, Charlie said: “There’s nothing in that apartment. They never used the furniture, anyway!

“We were covered, covered in bruises. There was no give in that hardwood – it was not great... My bruises were on my knees, my toes, elbows, all the bony bits!”

Charlie’s interview was crashed by her co-star and on-screen lover Richard Armitage, who agreed that he also came away with bruises on his “elbows and hip bones”.

He also admitted the scenes had a lasting impact on the set, too.

“There were handprints left on the walls,” he said. “I think they had to repaint between days because there were handprints left.”

Obsession featured some rather raunchy scenes
Obsession featured some rather raunchy scenes

Later in the interview, Charlie went on to reveal the actors had a “touch map” on their body to help them feel comfortable while filming the sex scenes.

Speaking about working with an intimacy co-ordinator, Charlie said: “They set up the atmosphere of consent and boundaries. And we do a touch map all over your body and we would work through, ‘okay, I’m happy being touched there. I’m happy being touched there, but not there’.

“We’re all just humans coming to set and we don’t know what someone’s been through or you know, what makes them uncomfortable.”

She added: “I felt in control and that’s empowering and fun. We had a lot of fun on set. We had a lot of fun because we felt protected... Richard was saying, and he did say it early on in, in our rehearsal, ‘let’s just do as the French do and not be so scared or embarrassed by our bodies’. We all have our bits!”

Richard previously spoke of going fully nude in the show, telling Hello! that it “really was” liberating, describing his “laissez-faire” approach to it.

“My attitude is ‘It’s the body, it’s the human body’. Just be a little bit laissez-faire about it. If you are uncomfortable with it, then it’s your problem. Don’t be uncomfortable about it,” he said.

Obsession is streaming on Netflix now. Reign With Josh Smith is available on podcast platforms.


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