People Keep Mistaking Olive Oil Sheen Hair Spray For Cooking Oil

"But it says olive oil."

A popular Afro-Caribbean hair product is being used in place of cooking oil by some people who clearly didn't check the packaging.

London student, Coral, spotted something unusual in her friend's kitchen - a bottle of ORS Olive Oil Sheen Spray.

Speaking to BuzzFeed, the 20-year-old revealed she asked her friend why the hair product was in the kitchen, and he replied: "It’s cooking spray."

Coral said she was "shocked" and explained to him that the oil is used for adding hydration and shine to Afro-Caribbean hair, but he was still adamant it was for cooking.

"But it says olive oil," he insisted.

Turns out, Coral's friend isn't the only person getting in a mix up, with many social media users sharing their similar mistakes on Twitter and Facebook.

This last post might explain the confusion.


When people say 'always read the label', it's probably best to listen.