Oscars 2023: 33 Nostalgic Academy Awards Photos That Show Hollywood Glamour At Its Best

Take a trip down memory lane with legends like Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor and a young Meryl Streep.

If you thought the Oscars have always been an uber-glamorous event then, well, you’d be absolutely right.

Ever since the very first ceremony, waaaaaaay back in 1929, the great and the good (and sometimes very, very bad) of Hollywood have squeezed into their finest, knowing full well that the world’s eyes would be watching.

And call us sentimental, but there’s just something ever so special about these pictures from the Academy Awards’ past that seem to have just that extra little bit of stardust sprinkled on them.

From Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor’s timeless beauty to some seriously risqué red carpet looks from the likes of Cher and Raquel Welch, these pictures are a reminder of some of the greatest talents (and fashion) to ever grace the Oscars...


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