11 Things You Only Get Asked As The Parent Of An Only Child

No they are not a brat.

It is a truth universally accepted in the parenting world, that unless you have 2.4 children or more running around your house, people will always be asking when the next one is coming along.

So for any parents with just one child, they will be more than familiar with these eleven questions.

1. Are you trying for another one?

None of your business.

2. Are you having problems conceiving?

Wow, that got personal very quickly.

3. Aren’t you worried about them being lonely?

There are family members apart from siblings you know.

4. Aren’t you worried about them being bored?

Your child spends just as much time staring at an iPad as mine.

5. Aren’t you just being selfish?

The earth doesn’t need any more people on it.

6. Are you worried about the age gap?

Between this existing child and the one you are presuming will happen?

7. Are they getting enough company of their own age?

So there are these places called schools, and they are actually full of children.

8. Are you spoiling them?

Better return those diamond bracelets.

9. Aren’t they going to be a brat?

That isn’t exclusive to only children you know...

10. Are you teaching them to share with other children?

Thank GOD you reminded us.

11. Aren’t they going to miss out on a full childhood?

Absolutely not.