16/03/2017 13:18 GMT | Updated 16/03/2017 13:50 GMT

Daylight Savings Time: 10 Things All Parents Dread About The Clocks Changing

Just someone let us sleep.

The clocks changing is an inconvenience for everyone, mainly because we don’t trust our phones to change and panic that we’re going to be late for work.

But parents have the added challenge of trying to explain to a toddler why the sun is still up when they’re being forced into bed - it’s not for the faint of heart.

Here are ten things mums and dads dread about tackling time travel.

1. Worrying that the sleeping patterns you’ve spent six months establishing will go up in flames. 

2. Making plans to start a week early with small changes to their bedtime. 

3. Forgetting and having to do the whole hour shift in one night.

4. Being woken up an hour before your alarm goes off. 

5. Dealing with grouchy kids because they’ve had an hour less sleep. 

6. Having to do your normal routine in record-breaking time because WHERE are all the hours? 

7. Settling for a 90-second bathtime because HOW is that the time already?

8. Trying to explain why it is still light outside and you want them to go to sleep.

9. Knowing they will find the one clock in the house you forgot to change.

10. Remembering this is all happening again in six months.