31/10/2018 12:18 GMT | Updated 31/10/2018 12:24 GMT

'Treat Or... Treat?' 13 Tweets That Totally Sum Up Being A Parent On Halloween

"I made you, you shall repay me with candy." 🎃

Ahhhhhh, Halloween.

The night when it’s kids who can’t decide what to wear, then totally overload themselves with sugar and don’t even think to share their sweets with you.

As all parents know, as soon as you have little pumpkins to look after, the last day of October becomes a whole different ball game. Which is why we’ve rounded up some of the best tweets from parents that sum up the ghoulish realities of Halloween when you’re a mum or a dad.

As one kid too clever for their own good puts it: “Treat or treat.”

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Going back on everything you’ve ever taught your kid.

The terrifying realisation that kids + sugar is not a good mix.

More costume changes than a Lady Gaga concert.

But dressing up is easier when you’re a parent, right?

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The rules of Trick or Treat can be hard to master.

Employing magic to get kids to share their sweets.

Getting crafty about Halloween decorations.

When all that effort is really worth it.

Realising Halloween is almost over and Christmas is up next. Crap.