Parents Of Overweight Children Explain Where The Problem Started Including Fussy Eating And Illness

'I’ve got four children and only one was ever overweight.'

Parents of overweight children have explained on a forum the reasons they feel their kids put on weight.

A mum and researcher asked on Mumsnet what other parents found tricky when it came to their children and eating.

“I know it’s a highly complex subject and that’s why I’m asking,” she wrote. “But I wanted, if possible, to find out where things went wrong for people on a personal level.”

Many parents who have children that have been classed as overweight shared where they felt the problem began with their kids.

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1. Illness

ScottishInSwitzerland user said her youngest child became overweight because she had been unwell. The mum said she would let her sit on the sofa and eat whatever she wanted.

“Her character is that she is naturally inclined to sit around if she gets away with it,” the mum wrote. “And she also eats when bored. So as soon as I took my eye off the ball it happened.

“She’s now a healthy weight but going onwards my biggest problems keeping her there are that she would eat rubbish until she pops.”

2. Chromosome disorder

Ashtrayheart wrote: “I’ve got four children and only one was ever overweight. The hardest thing is having to worry about sweets and portion sizes without making a big deal of it.

“We found out in her teens that she has a chromosome disorder, which may account for some of it.”

3. Picky eating

FlyingCat wrote: “I have a very picky eater and when she refused to eat healthy foods for several days at a time, I would relent and allow her to eat only the (very few) foods she considered safe.

“I ended up allowing her those most of the time as at least she would eat. Happily we managed to get hold of a food play specialist who was able to break the cycle and get her to try new foods.”

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4. Other people feeding snacks

MaximumVolume said: “My mum loves making cakes and puddings that my kids eat and my mother-in-law also bakes but buys a lot of sweets and chocolate for everyone.”

5. Denial

NotInMyBackYard1 said “denial plays a large part”. She wrote: “My daughter’s school friend is very overweight at eight years old and the mum just cannot see it.

“A lot of her recreational activities revolve around eating out, going to cinema and having sweets and getting treats that involve food.”

6. Reward

Beanzie99 wrote: “Because food was used as a reward [for our family], and as a way to show, prove and demonstrate love.”

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