Parents Freak Out Kids By Tricking Them Into Believing Truck Is Driving Backwards On Motorway

Well, that's one way to catch their attention.

Long car journeys can be dull at the best of times, especially when you have kids in the back complaining about being bored.

These parents decided to spice things up a bit by pranking their children along the motorway.

After seeing a large truck being towed drive into the lane in front of them, the dad screamed: "Oh my God don't look!".

As expected, the kids looked. Then screamed. A lot.


While the car was being driven fast, it looked as if the truck was coming towards them when in fact it was just facing them.


Cue the mum and dad mum and dad giggling them to themselves as the kids tried to work out what was happening.

At least it was one way to catch their attention.

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