23/07/2018 10:32 BST | Updated 23/07/2018 10:32 BST

Parents Share Flying Tips After Chrissy Teigen 'Survives' First Long-Haul With Two Kids Under Three

That holiday better be worth it.

The summer holidays are here and for lots of parents that means a well-needed break away. But before you can relax on a tropical beach, you need to get to your destination, and no form of travelling is quite as tortuous with young children as a long flight.

Which is exactly what Chrissy Teigen has just endured with her two-year-old daughter Luna and baby Miles, who is just two months old.

Teigen took to Twitter to say she had “survived” a 15-hour leg of a long haul journey, but still had another flight to go.

Parents were quick to offer words of support to the presenter, who is married to singer John Legend, with some saying that Teigen was ”ninja level brave” and a “supermama”. 

But mostly parents were just asking for advice on attempting to do the same with their own children.  

And sharing their advice, which included breastfeeding during takeoff and landing.

And preferably whenever you want your child to be napping.

Another mum suggested giving children something to suck on, although obviously this only works for older children and not babies. Parents should check age restrictions on products before giving them to their children.

Another mum said that the only way she was able to calm her four-year-old on a 22 hour flight to Australia was walking up and down the aisle... for hours on end. 

Teigen also confessed that now she “loves” hearing other children crying and that the sound was better than silence. 

We know how you feel.