No.10's Bid To Distract From Partygate Is Making Everyone Roll Their Eyes

"Watching the government try to save itself the only way it knows how – by lashing out with illiberal, divisive nationalist crap."
Boris Johnson apologised to Parliament for 'Partygate' last Wednesday
Boris Johnson apologised to Parliament for 'Partygate' last Wednesday
House of Commons via PA Wire/PA Images

Boris Johnson is reportedly trying to move the attention away from him – and Partygate – by introducing new, dramatic proposals like cutting the license fee for the BBC.

The prime minister is still in hot water after admitting that he attended a party in No.10 while the rest of the country was in lockdown.

Further allegations of parties happening behind Downing Street’s doors have led even more people to call for his resignation.

In a bid to save himself, according to the weekend reports, Johnson is now focusing on “Operation Red Meat” where the government will rush through controversial proposals to distract the backbench Tories who could hand in letters of no confidence about the prime minister.

These proposals include freezing the BBC license fee – which costs 43p per day – and using the Royal Navy to deter asylum seekers arriving at the British coast in dinghies.

Representing the government on Monday, education secretary Nadhim Zahawi also repeatedly tried to draw attention to Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer’s alleged breach of the Covid rules in May 2021.

None of this went down particularly well on Twitter.

There was fury about the government’s overall approach...

People also arrived in droves to support the BBC...

The proposals about using the Royal Navy to sort of the asylum seekers on the English border prompted further outrage...

...while others hit out at the attempts to put Starmer in the spotlight.


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