People Are Pointing Out Exactly Why The New No.10 Party Claims Are The Worst Yet

"If this was what Johnson’s Downing Street was like *during* lockdown, imagine what it was like before."
A fresh wave of allegations have added to the ongoing 'partygate' saga
A fresh wave of allegations have added to the ongoing 'partygate' saga
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New claims that Downing Street staff went to another round of boozy parties when Covid measures were still in place have lit up Twitter once again.

The new allegations come from The Telegraph, and suggest staff partied the night before the Queen sat alone at Prince Philip’s funeral at two separate events on April 16, 2021, attended by approximately 30 people in total.

The country was in period of national mourning and restrictions at the time meant socialising was limited to six people or two households outdoors. No socialising was permitted indoors except with your household.

Staff were supposedly marking the departure of Boris Johnson’s former director of communications James Slack and one of the prime minister’s personal photographers, although Johnson himself was allegedly not in Downing Street then.

Reports claim staff went to Co-op to fill a suitcase of booze, danced in the basement of No.10 and broke Johnson’s son’s swing in the garden.

No.10 has responded and described the alleged party as a “farewell speech”.

“On this individual’s day he gave a farewell speech to thank each team for the work they had done, both those who had to be in the office and on a screen for those working from home,” the spokesperson said.

Slack has also issued an apology, saying: “This event should not have happened at the time it did. I am deeply sorry and take full responsibility.”

The Metropolitan Police has confirmed it will only consider a criminal investigation if civil servant Sue Gray’s inquiry finds criminal evidence.

Even so, the prime minister’s Twitter critics had a field day with these new claims.

Some people just couldn’t believe the “suitcase of wine” claim...

Others fixated on Slack’s role in the party...

Critics also pointed out that the government’s – and the Met’s – response didn’t quite satisfy...

...while a few suggested this must now really be the end for Johnson’s time in office...

...although not everyone shared that view.


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