09/08/2017 13:01 BST

Pat McGrath's Latest Beauty Looks Will Inspire You To Be More Creative With Makeup

McGrath is killing it rn.

Known affectionately as ‘Auntie Pat’ to A-listers in her inner circle, Pat McGrath is a force to be reckoned with.

Whether it’s on the runway or magazine covers, you’ve probably seen the artist’s work already.

You may not have recognised the name this time last year, but McGrath suddenly seems to be everywhere.

That’s because she’s just launched a new cosmetics line that is slaying the market left, right and centre.

Actors, musicians and even infamous divas adore her - and now so does the general public. Or makeup lovers, at least.

McGrath first won social media acclaim (that’s a thing) when she featured Duckie Thot - a finalist on 2013's Australia’s Next Top Model - in a mesmerising short film.

And the digital crowd went wild. Now a bonafide household name, McGrath has become the go-to beauty guru.

Naturally, we picked our favourite looks from Instagram.

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Even beauty vlogger NikkiTutorial got in on the action with this sultry video. 

As ‘Auntie Pat’ would say: MAJORNESS.