Here's Why Pedro Pascal Got Bleeped At The Emmys – And It Involved Kieran Culkin

The Last Of Us star had some unexpected choice words at Monday night's Emmys ceremony.
Pedro Pascal and Kieran Culkin
Pedro Pascal and Kieran Culkin
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Pedro Pascal and Kieran Culkin playfully beefing is the energy we didn’t know we needed in 2024.

While presenting the award for Best Supporting Actor In A Drama at Monday night’s Emmys, the Last Of Us star offered up an unexpected (and quite unserious) reason about why he’s been sporting a sling.

And no, it wasn’t the “fall” explanation he previously gave reporters at the Golden Globes last week.

“A lot of people have been asking about my arm,” Pedro said while sporting the sling he’s been spotted wearing for weeks. “It’s actually my shoulder.

“And I think tonight is a perfect time to tell everyone that Kieran Culkin beat the shit out of me.”

The clapback was the perfect payback considering Kieran poked fun at the Mandalorian actor at the Golden Globes earlier in the month.

After the Succession star beat out Pedro for the Best Actor in a TV Drama title at the awards show, Kieran vehemently told Pedro to “suck it”.

“This is a nice moment for me,” Kieran said at the time after hitting the stage to accept his award. “Thanks to Succession, I have been [in this room] a couple of times. It’s nice, but I accepted I was never going to be on the stage. So this is a nice moment. Suck it, Pedro! Sorry. Mine!”

Just like the Emmys audience crowd, fans on X (formerly Twitter) couldn’t stop laughing over the cheeky moment.

Pedro earned three nominations at Monday night’s Emmys, including Outstanding Lead Actor In A Drama Series (The Last Of Us), Outstanding Guest Actor In A Comedy Series (Saturday Night Live) and Outstanding Narrator (Patagonia: Life On The Edge Of The World).

See a complete list of winners from the 75th Emmy Awards here.


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