Pedro Pascal Praised For Refusing To Read 'Dirty' Tweets About Himself

The Last Of Us star has been met with support over a clip of him refusing to read out "thirst tweets" on camera.
Pedro Pascal at the premiere of The Mandalorian season three
Pedro Pascal at the premiere of The Mandalorian season three
Axelle/Bauer-Griffin via Getty Images

Pedro Pascal is getting support and sparking a conversation about double standards after a very awkward red carpet moment.

A video of the Last of Us star went viral last week when Pedro refused to read aloud “thirst tweets”, or overly sexual comments, about him written on the internet while on the red carpet for his Disney+ show, The Mandalorian.

“We’d love if you read some thirst tweets the internet has for you,” a reporter from Access Hollywood asked the actor, showing him her phone. “You can read them to camera.”

In response, Pedro looked at the tweets, seemingly amused, then looked at the reporter.

“No,” he said, looking into the camera and adding: “Dirty!”

this is the worst thing I’ve ever seen

— lauren | tlou & mando spoilers (@djarinluck) March 1, 2023

Although Pedro was a good sport about his rejection — and has even indulged other outlets with similar requests in the past — fans of the former Game Of Thrones cast member praised Pedro for setting a boundary with the media by attempting to quell all the chatter about how he’s a Daddy, or a sexy mature man.

Pedro also has a tendency to play protective, father-like figures in many of his roles, which has only contributed to some fans’ lust.

the 'actor reads thirst tweets' videos that outlets do are in a controlled and consenting environment where the actor can refuse tweets they aren't comfortable with. Can you fucking imagine approaching Margot Robbie the way people approach this guy?

— Elizabeth DeLoria (@elizabethdanger) March 3, 2023

i feel like pedro pascal is getting the actress treatment where he cant go to any interview without being sexualized its wild

— stoink 🔥MUTANT MAYHEM🔥 (@mocndu) March 2, 2023

Every pedro pascal interview rn is just thinly veiled sexual harassment —whether it’s making him read grossly invasive tweets sexualizing him or incessantly calling him daddy. tired and weird antics!!!!!!

— levy (@1929stockcrash) March 2, 2023

I think it’s time for the internet to leave pedro pascal alone. It’s sexual harassment, but no one seems to care bc he’s a man + is graceful about it. It’s really gross and I would never want to be treated like that.

— dominick 🏳️⚧️ (@transguyenergy) March 3, 2023

I wish y’all would understand that being so abrasive w the horniness towards Pedro Pascal is sexual harassment on almost every level

— NulCos || MonkeyKing 🍑 (@nulfiicos) March 5, 2023

This Pedro Pascal thing is bizarre. I'm not a misogynist but I do think our culture fails to see the double standard sometimes.

Imagine if Scarlett Johansson was called a "Cool, slutty mommy" and asked to read a collection of thirsty tweets while on the red carpet. Just weird.

— ☠️ H3LLH3RO ☠️ (@h3llh3ro) March 3, 2023

All the people pestering Pedro Pascal, do you realize that atp it’s harassment, cat calling, and youre sexualizing this man who has made it clear he is so uncomfortable with it

Let’s not have double standards pls

— toca🌬 (@giyustanaccount) March 3, 2023

pedro pascal says he looks at fan cams when he’s sad made all the horniest fans said “sexual harassment to his face is ok now”

— sleepybi (@sleepybisayszzz) March 5, 2023

Pedro, who is known for giving pretty great interviews, previously embraced his status as a sex symbol.

When Vanity Fair asked him during a lie-detector test in April 2022 if he ever looked at Instagram accounts “devoted to you being a heartthrob when you’re feeling down,” Pedro responded with an enthusiastic: “Yes, I do!”

At this point, the floodgates were opened — and Pedro has, for the most part, played nice. He even uttered “I am your cool, slutty daddy,” to Entertainment Tonight in January.

But he has also expressed some confusion with it as well. When he appeared on Saturday Night Live last month, one sketch even poked fun at Pascal’s “Daddy” status, and in it, the actor good-naturedly exemplified his bewilderment by some comments, and pointed out that others come off as wildly inappropriate.

Sarah Michelle Gellar even joked about Pedro’s “Daddy” moniker when she posted about him last week, captioning a post about the two of them working together on Buffy with “When #Mother met #Father.”

Ultimately, it seems like Pedro is a good sport about the, uh, harassment, but to a point.

And perhaps asking Pedro to read thirst tweets about him on a Disney+ red carpet for a show targeted toward younger audiences isn’t the time or place.


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