19/06/2017 11:10 BST

Penis Unicorn Leggings Are The NSFW Clothes The World Needs Right Now


First we had unicorn hair, then unicorn Louboutins, unicorn coffee, and unicorn sex toys (because apparently nothing is sacred).

But now we have something more NSFW to add to our mythical collections.

Welcome unicorn penis leggings, an intriguing blend of human genitalia and horned horses, they really are perfect for any occasion (apart from maybe work or visiting an easily-offended relative).

Not to mention they’ve got an elasticated stretch waistband so you can make a real statement while simultaneously eating that tenth slice of pizza (just think of the hangover possibilities guys).


The peen-i-corn leggings were created by American sculptor and artist, Sarah Morningstar, from Texas, who told Cosmopolitan she was inspired by a wallpaper in her childhood bedroom (okay then).

Not only that but Morningstar felt the leggings were exactly what everyone needed right now, to give us all a break from the unrelenting misery of the world (which tbf we can totally get on board with).

Available for the totally reasonable price of $49 (£38), you’ll have enough spare change left over to buy the matching notebook.


And if you find that your penis-motif wardrobe is still a little short on options, then don’t fear because Morningstar also has a penis-mermaid in the works.

And if you fancy some more high end unicorn, then check out Christian Louboutin’s ‘unicorn skin’ booties, shared on Instagram by L.A-based stylist, Samantha McMillen. Magical.