People Are Just Realising Who This Famous Elf Is – And They Are Shook

Well, huh!
A scene from Elf, starring Will Ferrell as Buddy.
A scene from Elf, starring Will Ferrell as Buddy.
Warner Bros / New Line Cinema

Ever looked at someone, done a double take and thought: huh, do I know them from somewhere?

Well, someone on X (formerly Twitter) pointed out in a now viral tweet that famous elf Ming Ming from the hit festive film Elf, starring Will Ferrell, is actually... Peter Billingsley, aka Ralphie from A Christmas Story.

That’s right. For 15 years he has been hiding in plain sight in one of our most-loved Christmas films.

The best part? He was also in another Christmas movie before this and, every year, more and more people seem to lose it when they find out.

Billingsley starred alongside Reece Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn in Four Christmases, and if his IMDB page is anything to go by, he’s had a very successful and busy career since.

He’s listed as an executive producer on Marvel’s Iron Man, the same film that shot Robert Downey Jr back into the limelight. And he produces Bill Burr’s hit Netflix comedy, F is for Family.

The actor and producer is also reportedly good friends with John Favreau and has directed and produced a number of hit films and shows.

Here are some of the best reactions to people finding out he starred in Elf and A Christmas Story.


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