These Inspiring #NoWrongPath Messages Will Show You Exam Results Aren't Everything

If you're in Scotland getting exam results today, or gearing up to get them next week, this is for you.

It can feel like a huge moment in our lives – finding out our grades after years studying at school, college, or uni. But people on Twitter want you to know that regardless of the grades you get, there is no wrong path when it comes to your career.

People are sharing their own experiences under the hashtag #NoWrongPath to time with people in Scotland getting their grades.

Stirling High School in Scotland has shared several stories of their own teachers’ career trajectories, in a bid to show pupils that grades aren’t everything. One teacher, Ms McAlpine failed her high school grades and her degree before retraining as a teacher.

The school said she should win the award for persevering the longest before ending up where she wanted to be.

Another teacher at the school, Ms Allan, failed to get the right grades to study pharmacy and subsequently studied science teaching, leading to her dream job as a teacher.

Femi Oluwole, a campaigner with 63,000 Twitter followers who is co-founder of Our Future, Our Choice – a young group campaigning for a people’s vote on the Brexit deal – also shared his experience in a Tweet.

Colleagues at NHS Lothian shared their own career path stories, including leaving school at 16 and working in a factory for 10 years and leaving school at 17 before becoming an administrator.

Former CEO of UCAS, Mary Curnock Cook, also shared her experience of leaving school at 16 and first going to university aged 41.

So remember, the grades you have don’t need to define you.

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