14/02/2019 11:34 GMT | Updated 14/02/2019 11:40 GMT

U Ok Hun? People Are Baffled By Fortnum & Mason's Names For Its Chocolate Bars

"We've officially reached peak hipster pretentiousness."

Fortnum & Mason is renowned for its luxury food and spenny prices, but now the upmarket store is making a name for itself for a different reason – the names of its chocolate bars.

One shopper, Alex Smith, was in the London store when he noticed the sweet treats had rather unusual descriptions, including ‘Pilots Fly In Pink Skies’, ‘Goodnight My Bittersweet Beloved’ and ‘The Obedience Of Bubbles The Dog’.

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On Fortnum & Mason’s website, other odd chocolate bar names include ‘Forever Changing Supernovas’, ‘She Dreams In Marmalade’, ‘Adventures In The Darkness’, ‘Fire In The Hive’ and ‘Beyond The Abyss’. 

And quite honestly, people on Twitter did not know what to make of the discovery.

One savvy shopper had a suspicion about why the chocolate bars might be marketed in this way.

Either way, we still want to eat one.