12/04/2017 10:18 BST

Easter Eggs Are Melting Due To Warmer Weather And The Photos Are Very Sad Indeed

RIP chocolate bunnies.

Easter eggs have been melting left, right and centre thanks to a spate of warmer weather in the UK. 

Thorntons customers appeared to be worst affected, with numerous egg deliveries turning up in a sorrowful state.

Mina Gourlay bought a ‘Harry Hopalot’ white chocolate bunny from the store, which arrived looking more than a little deflated. 

Meanwhile James Smith’s Continental Easter egg that he’d purchased for his mum had completely caved in.

Sad times.

Other Thorntons customers were quick to complain about their molten eggs.

The chocolatier has since apologised to customers and sent out replacement eggs. 

It would appear that its chocolate creations weren’t the only ones to fall victim to the hot weather.

Amy Packham, Life writer for The Huffington Post UK, returned home only to discover that her Aldi Easter egg had morphed into something unrecognisable after a particularly warm day.

Aldi / Amy Packham
Before and after.

Meanwhile Stephanie Little bought an Easter egg from Tesco, which had folded in on itself.

One thing’s for sure, if you’re planning on buying Easter eggs soon, make sure there’s plenty of room for them in the fridge so they don’t end up like this...