Peppa Pig's 'Front Face' Has Been Revealed And It's Creeping People Out

We can never look at Peppa in the same way again 😩

Many parents with little kids will have watched ‘Peppa Pig’ so many times that they could draw the animated character with their eyes closed. But Peppa is only ever shown in profile, leaving many to wonder what the pig looks like front on.

Well wonder no more, twitter user @KwonHanchi has shared sketches showing Peppa’s left side, right side, and then her front face, which has who sets of eyes and four nostrils. Terrifying. KwonHanchi spotted the drawings on an Instagram users page - 9gag - and the photos have been liked more than 164,000 times. Terrifying.

The Twitter user then shared a coloured-in version of the odd-looking ‘front face’ pig.

Safe to say, people were pretty creeped out by the revelation.

We’ll never be able to look at Peppa the same way again.

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