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Peter Andre Hits Back At Critics After Posting Instagram Video Of Kids Hanging Out With Him In The Gym

'What a load of b****cks.'

Peter Andre has hit back at critics who commented on his latest Instagram video complaining that he shouldn’t take his kids to the gym.

The 44-year-old dad shared a clip of himself in the gym with Junior, 11, Princess, nine, and Amelia, three, on Monday 17 April.

“Ah man, my gym is being infiltrated with these guys,” he said on the video that showed Junior doing weights and Princess skipping.

“And Mills over there in the corner. I love having you guys in the gym with me.”

However people commented on the fact that the kids shouldn’t be in the gym, they should be “outside having fun”.


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”They should be outside playing not stuck in the gym doing weights,” someone wrote on the video.

And another wrote: “This is not fun for them, stop trying to be their friends.”

However other fans defended Andre, with one fan commenting: “Why are people so judgmental?

“There is nothing wrong with teaching your children how to take care of their bodies.” 

Ice cream but as usual no one listens 😀

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Andre wrote in his new! magazine column on Tuesday 18 April: “Some people don’t think it’s right to be a friend to your children, only a parent. What a load of b****cks.

“Being both a parent and a friend makes your children feel happy and also allows them to be able to talk to you about anything. 

“But at the same time, they know the boundaries of what they’re allowed and not allowed to do.”

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