16/03/2017 16:25 GMT

Peter Andre Celebrates Mothers On 'This Morning' By Making 'Mums' Wildest Dreams' Come True

'I know where she got that from.'

Peter Andre has said his wife Emily Andrea really is a “super mum”.

The 44-year-old, who is dad to four-month-old Theo and two-year-old Amelia with Andrea, and Princess, nine, and Junior, 11, with his ex-wife Katie Price, was reflecting on his wife’s parenting abilities ahead of Mother’s Day

“I know where she got that from,” he said. “Her lovely mother who is also another super mum.

“Emily is so natural as a mother and so caring and really instills the same values that I’ve been brought up to share.”

Andrea isn’t the only mum who Andre is preparing to make feel special in the lead up to Mother’s Day, as he is launching a new segment on ITV’s ‘This Morning’ called ‘Mum’s Wildest Dreams’, which will see him travelling across the country to meet and surprise mums who “deserve a treat”. 

Andre said meeting the many mums for the show made him feel emotional and caused him to reflect on his role as a dad.

“It’s really quite incredible when you discover just how selfless some of these mums are and it makes you realise that what makes any parent great is - as I always say - ‘putting your children first’,” he said.

“It’s evident from this series that these mums do make their own priorities second or third and their children are always number one.” 

ITV/This Morning

Andre said he has learned a lot about parenting from how his mother brought him up.

“Every day was special at home,” he said. “We really had a great childhood where everyone sat together for our evening meals and back then obviously there were no distractions like mobile phones.

“I try and instil this same family bonding with my children at meal times.”

Speaking about the best piece of advice his mum has given him, Andre added: “To be respectful and always appreciate people for what they say or do for you”. 

Andre will front ‘Mum’s Wildest Dreams’ on ‘This Morning’ on 20, 22, and 24 March from 10.30am on ITV. 

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