31/07/2017 09:24 BST | Updated 31/07/2017 10:52 BST

Peter Capaldi Hoping For 'On The Buses' Revival Role, Following 'Doctor Who' Exit

'Who' boss Steven Moffatt is also on board.

He may have already played one of TV’s iconic roles, but Peter Capaldi is already eyeing up another for his first post-‘Doctor Who’ gig. 

The departing Time Lord has admitted he would love to play Cyril ‘Blakey’ Blake in a reboot of classic sitcom, ‘On The Buses’. 

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Peter Capaldi

Peter, whose last episode as The Doctor airs at Christmas, revealed he is hoping to get the show’s outgoing boss Steven Moffat to bring back the comedy series, now that he is leaving ‘Doctor Who’ too. 

Speaking to The Sun, the Scottish actor said: “I want them to do ‘On The Buses’ again. I’m trying to encourage them to do it.

“I have got a Blakey in me.”

Steven admitted interest in the project, adding: “We are working our way through the classics, so it is bound to come up.”

The role of Blakey was made famous by actor Stephen Lewis in the original ITV sitcom, which ran from 1969 to 1973. 

Stephen Lewis played Blakey in 'On The Busses'

Meanwhile, former ‘Broadchurch’ star Jodie Whittaker will become the thirteenth Doctor during the Christmas special, after it was announced she was taking over from Peter earlier this month

The special also serves as Steven’s swansong, as he is being succeeded in the role by ‘Broadchurch’ creator Chris Chibnall. 

Last week, he addressed the reaction to the casting of the show’s first-ever female Doctor, insisting he’s heard nothing but good things said, despite some backlash among certain parts of the show’s fanbase. 

Jodie Whittaker is taking over from Peter as The Doctor

Speaking at San Diego Comic Con, Steve said (via Digital Spy): “There are so many press articles about a backlash among ‘Doctor Who’ fandom, against the casting of a female Doctor. There has been no backlash – at all.

“The story of the moment is that the notionally conservative ‘Doctor Who’ fandom has utterly embraced that change, completely. 80% approval on social media – not that I check these things obsessively.

“And yet so many people are wanting to pretend there’s a problem. There isn’t. In fact, it strikes me that ‘Doctor Who’ fans are more excited about the idea of a brilliant actress playing the part than the fact she’s a woman.

“I wish every single journalist who is writing the alternative would shut the hell up.”

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