Piers Morgan And Dan Walker Lock Horns Again Over Their Respective Mick Lynch Interviews

"Next time I promise to spend at least five minutes on Thunderbirds."
Piers Morgan and Dan Walker
Piers Morgan and Dan Walker
Vianney Le Caer/Piers Morgan Uncensored/Shutterstock/ITV

Former daytime rivals Piers Morgan and Dan Walker have had another very public clash over their respective interviews with Mick Lynch.

Earlier this week, Piers went viral for his interview with the RMT leader, after devoting whole minutes of the conversation to the fact his Facebook profile picture was the Thunderbirds villain The Hood.

When Lynch questioned whether the host could “see the likeness”, Piers asked: “I’m just wondering where the comparison goes… he was obviously an evil criminal terrorist mastermind, described as the world’s most dangerous man.”

“Is that the level you’re pitching this at Piers?” Lynch hit back. “Don’t you want to talk about the issues rather than a little vinyl puppet from the 1960s?”

The conversation continued in that vain for the next two minutes.

Following this, Dan interviewed the RMT leader about the ongoing rail strike action at his new home on Channel 5’s flagship news show.

Tweeting after his exchange with Lynch, the former BBC Breakfast host wrote: “We live in the age of the jabby, confrontational interview and the RMT’s Mick Lynch has had a few of them.

“If you treat people with respect, you can still ask tough questions and get decent answers allowing your audience to make their own minds up.”

Perhaps sensing this may have been a reference to his own interview, Piers quickly fired back: “Is there anyone more deluded in world television than Desperate Dan.. the world’s most boring interviewer.”

“Why is it ‘boring’ to let someone actually speak rather than shouting over them all the time?” Dan then asked.

Piers then claimed he “had to leave” his old job at Good Morning Britain “for being too exciting/dangerous”.

“You had to leave the BBC because even by their standards you’re a mood-hoovering dullard,” he added.

“But your pompous lectures on how to do interviews are bloody funny, I’ll give you that.”

Dan then responded: “You left GMB because one of your colleagues called you out. Your ‘exciting/dangerous’ response to that was [to walk off set].”

Alongside a gif of Piers storming out of the GMB studio back in March 2021, Dan then added: “Next time I promise to spend at least five minutes on Thunderbirds.”

Piers announced his immediate resignation from Good Morning Britain in March 2021, after it was revealed that Ofcom would be announcing an investigation into comments he’d made live on air about Meghan Markle.

This included casting doubt on claims made in her interview with Oprah Winfrey that she’d experienced suicidal thoughts as a senior member of the Royal Family.

Ofcom eventually ruled that GMB had not breached their guidelines by broadcasting Piers’ remarks, pointing out they were countered by his co-host Susanna Reid.

Throughout their tenures at BBC Breakfast and GMB, Dan and Piers were engaged in a usually-playful rivalry that mostly revolved around their viewing figures and differing interview styles.

However, last week Dan gave an interview detailing an incident when he felt Piers had crossed a line in their long-running “feud”.


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