Mick lynch

Operator has been accused of "taking passengers and taxpayers for fools".
RMT union boss says he will act to prevent Keir Starmer "delivering the agenda of the Daily Mail or the Telegraph".
However, the union's dispute with the train operating companies "remains firmly on".
Sky's Jayne Secker hit back at the RMT boss after he accused her of being a "government mouthpiece".
General secretary Mick Lynch said the union's "industrial campaign will continue for as long as it takes".
Trade union boss gives rousing address to thousands of striking workers in Westminster.
"If anyone says that's not the case, they are not telling you the truth," the RMT boss told MPs.
Transport secretary Mark Harper hit back: “That’s simply not true."
Did the RMT Union’s general-secretary deliver "low blows" or a "brilliant" takedown of the BBC?
"Richard you're just ranting," the union boss told the ITV presenter.