Mick Lynch Tears Into Richard Madeley: 'Why Don't You Just Interview Yourself?'

"Richard you're just ranting," the union boss told the ITV presenter.
Mick Lynch on Good Morning Britain
Mick Lynch on Good Morning Britain
Good Morning Britain

Mick Lynch hit back at Richard Madeley live on Good Morning Britain today, telling the “ranting” presenter to interview himself.

The rail union boss slapped down the presenter during a terse exchange while standing on a picket line outside Euston Station in central London.

Madeley had attacked Lynch over the Rail, Maritime and Transport union going on strike during the Christmas period.

They will walk out on four days this week - today and Wednesday, and again on Friday and Saturday. It will mean a near total shutdown of Britain’s railways - with only 20% of services expected to run.

Veteran broadcaster Madeley claimed that people thought rail strikes over the Christmas period were an act of “almost sadism and unkindness”.

Madeley went on: “What ever happened to Christmas kindness? Why couldn’t you put all of these strikes every single one of them into January? Why do you have to target people at Christmas? Because you’re going to be putting people out of business who run hotels, restaurants, bars and retailers.”

Madeley went on to accuse the union of “robbing” them of their income.

Lynch replied: “We’ve not targeted Christmas, it isn’t Christmas yet Richard. I don’t know when your Christmas starts but mine starts from Christmas Eve. So we are striking at this time because...”

Madeley interrupted: “That’s disingenuous. Commercial Christmas starts in December.”

Lynch hit back: “It’s not disingenuous.” But Madeley talked over him while Lynch said: “If you let me finish the answer...”

But Madeley ploughed on: “Commercial Christmas does not start on Christmas Eve. Christmas Eve is when people shut early.”

Mick Lynch on Good Morning Britain
Mick Lynch on Good Morning Britain
Good Morning Britain

While Madeley continued to talk, Lynch told him: “Richard, you’re just talking to yourself at the minute. You’re ranting. Richard you’re ranting here.”

When the presenter paused, Lynch asked him: “Right have you finished then?”

But Madeley replied: “Will you answer the question Mr Lynch? And then I’ll shut up.”

Lynch told him: “Well if you give me a minute I will.”

Madeley replied: “I won’t let you get away with nonsense! Christmas does not start on Christmas Eve.”

An exasperated Lynch said: “You’re just talking to yourself now Richard, why don’t you just interview yourself?”

The two men continued to squabble as presenter Kate Garraway tried to get them to stop.

Lynch told him Network Rail was starting to impose changes from tomorrow, December 15, which they were told about “three weeks ago”.

He added: “They told us that the consultation process had finished and they will move towards implementation. So our strike action is in response to that.

“The strike action we’re taking at Christmas is during the Christmas close down where there will be no passenger services running after the evening of December 24. So that does not impact on Christmas.”

RMT members rejected a fresh pay offer from Network Rail yesterday, describing it as “substandard”.


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