Piers Morgan Launches Further Ewan McGregor Attack Live On 'Good Morning Britain' Over Cancelled Appearance

'He let down the viewers and he let down himself.'

Piers Morgan has launched a further attack on Ewan McGregor on live TV, after he cancelled an interview on ‘Good Morning Britain’, having discovered Piers would be conducting it.

The actor was disgusted with the former ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ judge’s controversial tweets about the weekend’s Women’s Marches, and subsequently pulled out of a scheduled appearance on the ITV breakfast show, which Piers hosts with Susanna Reid.

Having penned a scathing Daily Mail column in response to Ewan, Piers further addressed the matter on Wednesday’s (25 January) edition of ‘GMB’, claiming the ‘Star Wars’ actor had let down viewers and himself.

Piers Morgan launched into a monologue about Ewan McGregor on 'Good Morning Britain'
Piers Morgan launched into a monologue about Ewan McGregor on 'Good Morning Britain'

Opening the show, Piers said: “Ewan McGregor is a major star, he’s perfectly entitled to have his opinion about politics. I’m entitled to mine.

“He thought the Women’s March was a fantastic thing, I thought it was flawed and I explained why.

“I’m totally supportive of all women’s rights and equality - didn’t really see that this march was focused, I saw it more of a Trump thing.”

He continued: “We should all be able to have different views.

“I’d have respected him more if he came here, sat down and went ‘you are wrong about the Women’s March’.

“We could have had an adult conversation about it - we weren’t going to ask him about it, we were going to talk about his movie that he was here to promote.

“So I hope that people who watch that yesterday shared my disappointment that he didn’t actually just come out and have that conversation.

“Having that conversation about these things is how we move on,” he said.

Ewan pulled out of appearing on 'GMB' on Tuesday
Ewan pulled out of appearing on 'GMB' on Tuesday
Frederick M. Brown via Getty Images

“It seems to me the whole Brexit and Trump stuff is so extreme that no one can even raise a flag of this might not be quite right, or lets bring together, there’s too much extremity about all this and it’s all angers people because they don’t agree with them.

“That’s all I want to say about it - lets not bang on about it

“But I was very disappointed he did what he did. He let down the viewers and he let down himself.”

There has been much debate about Ewan’s decision to cancel his appearance on Twitter, while Susanna Reid has also been forced to defend herself, after some accused her of not doing enough to challenge her co-presenter.

‘Good Morning Britain’ airs weekdays at 6am on ITV.

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