26/01/2020 10:36 GMT

Piers Morgan Slams 'Disgusting' Hugh Grant Over 'UK Is Finished' Comments

It seems their feud is far from over.

Piers Morgan has reignited his feud with Hugh Grant after the actor said the UK is “finished”. 

The Good Morning Britain presenter branded Hugh “disgusting” after he was asked for this thoughts on Boris Johnson’s recent general election win and the UK’s impending exit from the EU. 

Hugh told AP Entertainment: “It’s a catastrophe. The country’s finished.”

Piers Morgan and Hugh Grant

After learning of Hugh’s comments, Piers took to Twitter to tear into him once again. 

He tweeted: “Hugh Grant is so disgusting. How dare he say Britain is ‘finished’?

“The only thing that’s ‘finished’ is this stuck-up arrogant twerp’s credibility as any kind of political expert.” 

This, of course, swiftly caught the attention of Piers, who sarcastically referred to the actor as “Halo Hugh… Britain’s moral standard-bearer”, posting a photo of his infamous mug shot, following his arrest in 1995 after being caught with a sex worker.

After getting no reply, Piers – clearly pleased with himself – made the same joke two months later, again not getting any response from the Bafta-winning star.

They subsequently clashed various times on Twitter in the lead up to the election.

Piers later branded Hugh and Alan Partridge creator Steve “sneering” as he gloated over last month’s result, given the acting pair had been high-profile advocates of tactical voting in a bid to prevent a Tory majority. 

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