15/06/2018 11:40 BST

Piers Morgan Gets Rinsed Over 'Love Island' Tweet Claiming He'd 'Stumbled Upon' His First Episode

"‘Accidentally stumbled’ onto ITV2 at 9pm? What were you looking for? 'American Pie 2'?"

Twitter users were left unconvinced by Piers Morgan on Thursday night, after he claimed he’d inadvertently “stumbled upon” his first ever episode of ‘Love Island’.

As ‘Good Morning Britain’ viewers will attest, Piers has been heavily critical of the ITV2 reality show as its popularity has continued to grow and one of his favourite pastimes is taking aim at its participants’ intelligence.

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Piers Morgan

Last year, for example, he hit a nerve with some people when he gave eliminated Islander Jonny Mitchell a Maths test during a live interview, and recently irked past contestant Camilla Thurlow when he said that only “thick people” take part in the show.

All this, despite having claimed never to have actually sat down and watched an episode - until Wednesday, that is, when he revealed on Twitter that he’d finally tuned in.

Accidentally stumbled across Love Island,” he claimed. “My God, these cretins are even more stupid than I feared.”

However, Piers’ casual attempt to make his ‘Love Island’ viewing habit seem “accidental” and completely by chance wound up seeing him rinsed on Twitter…

Piers inadvertently shot himself in the foot earlier this week, when he insisted to former Islander Camilla that he had a “massive superiority complex” over what he referred to as the “half-wits” who compete on ‘Love Island’.

The former bomb disposal worker and activist had the last laugh, though, pointing out that the true definition of “superiority complex” is a mask for “actual feelings of inferiority and failure”.

Two weeks in, the fourth series of ‘Love Island’ has already proved to be a ratings smash for ITV2, with one more elimination coming up in Friday’s show.

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