23/01/2017 14:20 GMT | Updated 23/01/2017 15:06 GMT

Piers Morgan Blasts Madonna For 'Blowing Up White House' Comments During Women's March Speech

'I’d rather eat burnt toast and die than listen to Madonna.'

Piers Morgan has hit out at Madonna once again, following comments she made about “blowing up the White House” in response to US President Donald Trump’s inauguration.

He criticised the pop singer’s speech, which came during last weekend’s Women’s Marches, accusing her of enciting hatred.


Despite insisting he was “all in favour of equality” during a discussion about the protests on Monday’s (23 January) ‘Good Morning Britain’, Piers lashed out at “man-hating feminists”, directing many of his comments at Madonna.

While speaking to Women’s Equality Party leader Sophie Walker, he said: “I saw lots of placards and people saying it’s about ending the hate, Trump is hateful, we have to end the hate, it’s all about love.

“Then I saw Madonna on the stage in America saying, ‘What I’ve been thinking about recently is blowing up the White House’. Then I saw Ashley Judd calling Trump Hitler and making crude incest jokes which didn’t really fit the narrative for me of ending the hate.

“How does blowing up the White House end that? How does Madonna saying she wants to blow up the White House help the ‘end the hate’ campaign?”

In reference to a story about burnt toast posing a cancer risk, he later joked: “I’d rather eat burnt toast and die than listen to Madonna.”

The singer has also issued a statement about her speech, after it was claimed the Secret Service will investigate her claim.

Writing on Instagram, Madonna said: “I want to clarify some very important things. I am not a violent person, I do not promote violence and it’s important people hear and understand my speech in it’s entirety rather than one phrase taken wildly out of context.

“I spoke in metaphor and I shared two ways of looking at things - one was to be hopeful, and one was to feel anger and outrage, which I have personally felt.

“However, I know that acting out of anger doesn’t solve anything. And the only way to change things for the better is to do it with love.”

During Monday’s discussion of the Women’s Marches, Piers also clashed with Conservative MP Maria Miller. 

After being interrupted a number of times by him, she gave him a schooling on the topic of Everyday Sexism

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