19/01/2017 13:33 GMT

Piers Morgan Trolls Internet, Rubbing His Friendship With Trump In Critics' Faces

'Yeah, I hate it when people get mad at me for my friendships with sexist, racist hatemongers too.'

Piers Morgan has trolled the internet by celebrating his ties with president-elect Donald Trump, a day before the Republican’s inauguration.

The Good Morning Britain host gleefully baited his followers on Thursday by including a tweet on Ladbrokes’ odds of Trump mentioning him in his speech.

Ladbrokes has since recalculated the odds in its ‘Buzzword Bingo’ game and suggest the chances of Trump name-dropping Morgan are 33/1. The word ‘tartan’ and the TV show Saturday Night Live have the same odds. 

The words Ladbrokes believes Trump is most likely to say are: Make America Great Again, Reagan, tremendous, ISIS, China and Clinton.

Morgan’s betting post received little reaction, with the below tweet being one of two comments:

Ever the ringmaster, Morgan then upped the ante, re-tweeting a Twitter quote card from the BBC where he was being introduced as “the only Brit followed by Donald Trump on Twitter”. 

This caused some to ponder why Nigel Farage hadn’t got a friendly follow, while others took a moment to celebrate the fact Morgan had a friend in another country.

But Morgan didn’t stop there in his attempts to really harness the fury of the Trump-haters.

He then announced he was changing his Twitter profile picture.

Step aside Dalai Lama. 

The move seemed to get the desired reaction. 

However, some were smart enough not to play the game of cat and mouse and offered Morgan some advice instead. 

But it didn’t stop there.