Piers Morgan Rinses Tory MP Who Doesn’t Think The Times Is 'Mainstream Media'

Critics described Lee Anderson's Twitter as a "parody account".
Lee Anderson and Piers Morgan
Lee Anderson and Piers Morgan
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Piers Morgan has rinsed a Tory MP after he shared an image of The Times newspaper saying “you won’t see this in the MSM”.

Conservative party deputy chairman Lee Anderson tweeted a photo of Rishi Sunak with a Times headline underneath which said: “UK economy returns to growth in January”.

Anderson commented: “Getting There. You won’t see this in the MSM.”

MSM is an abbreviation for “mainstream media” and usually associated with large mass media outlets.

The Times newspaper is part of giant media empire News UK, owned by billionaire Rupert Murdoch.

Morgan, a presenter on News UK owned TalkTV, commented with a laughing face emoji: “That’s literally a screenshot from the MSM.”

Others working for the News UK empire also tweeted their amusement including Times columnist and Times Radio presenter Hugo Rifkind who said: “Big shout-out to my colleagues in the dissident alternative media.”

One Twitter user added: “Ah yes that famously underground little-known subversive publication *checks notes* The Times.”

Another added: “The Times is literally the MSM Lee.” While one journalist wrote: “Refuse to believe he’s real at this point.”

The outspoken MP is no stranger to controversy, previously criticising people using food banks.

When he was a candidate, he proposed forcing anti-social council tenants to live in tents and pick vegetables.

He also vowed to boycott England’s Euro 2020 matches in protest at the players’ anti-racism stance of taking the knee before matches.

Most recently he became the latest Tory MP to get his own show on GB News.

The Ashfield MP joins fellow Conservatives Jacob Rees-Mogg, Esther McVey and Philip Davies in getting his own show on the channel.

Anderson is a former coal miner who was a Labour councillor in Ashfield before he defected to the Conservative Party in 2018 and went on to serve as a Tory councillor in Mansfield.


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