15/03/2017 10:33 GMT

‘Good Morning Britain’: Loose Women’s Saira Khan Clashes With Piers Morgan Over Headscarf Debate

Piers' Christmas card list is getting shorter by the day.

Saira Khan is the latest star to join the long list of people Piers Morgan has clashed with on ‘Good Morning Britain’, following Wednesday (15 March) morning’s debate about whether companies should have the right to ban headscarves in the workplace.

The ‘Loose Women’ panellist was appearing alongside Guardian journalist Hanna Yusef to discuss the issue, following a new ruling that means companies can dictate what employees wear while at work.

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We feel your pain, Hanna 

And, as often happens when Piers is absolutely certain that he’s right, the conversation got pretty heated, with both Saira and the presenter raising their voices to get their points across.

Piers began by comparing a garment worn for religious and spiritual reasons to Saira’s floral ensemble, asking her how she would feel if “ITV says they don’t like you wearing a jacket, they want you to wear a suit.”

“No, it’s not about feeling, it’s about a ruling and you cannot single out a person for wearing a religious outfit just because of their religion,” Saira replied.

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Susanna 'Patience of a Saint' Reid was also hosting the show 

When she then attempted to continue explaining herself, Piers talked over her - shocking, we know - and Saira gave as good as she got back.

In the end, the ‘GMB’ presenter interrupted: “It’s not your show, Saira! Would you mind letting me finish my sentence?”

And while he is correct about this, we were totally unaware that ‘GMB’ was now known as ‘Piers Morgan’s Good Morning Britain’. An interesting move.

Of course, Saira isn’t the first star who might be thinking of crossing Piers off her Christmas card list, and he’s recently become embroiled in rows with everyone from Emma Watson and JK Rowling, to Ewan McGregor, who pulled out of ‘GMB’ at the last minute after discovering that Piers would be interviewing him.

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