25/01/2017 14:52 GMT

Piers Morgan Defended By Sharon Osbourne Over Women's March And Ewan McGregor Comments

She reckons he 'adores women'.

Sharon Osbourne has rushed to the defence of Piers Morgan, following the backlash over his recent comments about the Women’s Marches and Ewan McGregor.

The ‘Good Morning Britain’ presenter sparked controversy with his tweets about the protests over the weekend, claiming he was going to create a Men’s March in retaliation to “protest the creeping global emasculation of my gender by rabid feminists”.

Sharon Osbourne has defended Piers Morgan

Ewan later pulled out of a scheduled appearance on the ITV breakfast show when he discovered Piers would be conducting the interview, prompting him to pen a scathing Daily Mail column about him, in which he made a series of accusations. 

Addressing the furore on US chat show ‘The Talk’, Sharon, who worked with Piers on ‘America’s Got Talent’, claimed he does not really hold these views. 

“He says this stuff to get a reaction. I know Piers very, very well. This is what he does,” she said.

“He loves the attention. Naughty Piers! I know you don’t believe what you’re saying. He doesn’t. He adores women.”

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Piers and Sharon have known each other for a number of years

However, one of Sharon’s co-stars, Aisha Tyler, fiercely disagreed, branding him “misogynistic” and claiming she was deeply offended by Piers’ words. 

“I just don’t think he understand American democracy and our constitutionally protected right to assemble and have free speech and I think when he comes here, we’ll explain how democracy works,” she said.

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Piers has been involved in a feud with Ewan McGregor

Piers has since continued his war of words with Ewan, opening Wednesday’s (25 January) ‘Good Morning Britain’ with a monologue about the disappointment he felt towards him.

The debacle also left Susanna having to defend herself against critics saying she doesn’t do enough to put her co-presenter in his place.

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