Piers Morgan Shut Down By Dan Walker After Not Checking His Facts Over 'BBC Breakfast’ And 'Good Morning Britain' Rivalry

They're at it again...

Piers Morgan might want to check his facts before he initiates his next Twitter spat.

The ‘Good Morning Britain’ host was once again feuding with ‘BBC Breakfast’ presenter Dan Walker on Monday after he came across an article on the the BBC’s website about how the ITV morning show’s ratings are on the up.

Dan Walker and Piers Morgan
Dan Walker and Piers Morgan

He told viewers: “We were just having a little gossip and you know what we haven’t talked about is our so-called rival, Dan Walker.

“I found an extraordinary thing last week. The BBC’s own website ran a whole piece praising Good Morning Britain and how successful we are and how our ratings are surging.

“We haven’t had a chance to thank the BBC yet. I’d like to thank the BBC for celebrating the success story that is Good Morning Britain.”

Piers then took a direct swipe at his BBC rival, saying: “Dan, you’re doing a great job, mate. It’s just a shame that your own website decided not to sell your success story – although that would have been a harder story to sell.

“Anyway, good morning to our rivals over there. It’s always good doing battle with lesser mortals.”

Unfortunately, if Piers had actually read the whole article, he’d have been informed that ‘BBC Breakfast’ still has twice as many viewers as ‘GMB’ - something that Dan Walker was quick to point out.

“Just checked... still more than double yours. Noticed that ITVs viewing figures actually go up when you finish,” he tweeted.

He then added: “Have you seen W1A? Most important paragraph from that puff piece... The BBC One morning show has a daily average audience of 1.5 million people, while Good Morning Britain has 640,000.”

Following Piers’ rant, co-host Susanna Reid, who used to present the BBC breakfast show, attempted to keep the peace, telling viewers they were “genuinely friends”.

“Well, ‘friends’ is slightly overdoing it,” Piers quipped.

Earlier this year, he also made a blunder about the licence fee as the pair debated the corporation’s gender pay gap.

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