31/05/2017 17:09 BST | Updated 31/05/2017 17:15 BST

Piers Morgan Blocks Denise Welch On Twitter As She Challenges His Mental Health Comments

He was in no mood for a debate, clearly.

‘Good Morning Britain’ presenter and free speech champion Piers Morgan has blocked Denise Welch on Twitter, after she pointed out an apparent double-standard in his tweets about mental health.

Earlier this week, Piers responded to an interview in which Will Young opened up about having PTSD with the comment: “[He] does not have PTSD. He has WNTS - Whiny Needy Twerp Syndrome.”

Mike Marsland via Getty Images
Piers Morgan

Suffice to say, Piers’ comments proved divisive on social media, to which he responded: “I think it’s [mentally ill] become a massively over-used term that damages focus for those with real issues.”

Following this, he sent messages of support to professional golfer Tiger Woods, after he was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence.

When the news broke, Piers wrote: “I feel very sorry for this guy. A true legend of sport battling a lot of demons. Wish him well.”

On Wednesday (31 May), actress and mental health advocate Denise pointed out the hypocrisy in Piers’ comments, highlighting it for him on Twitter.

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Denise Welch

She wrote: “So [Piers Morgan], you feel sorry for serial adulterer Tiger Woods who could have wiped out a family, but not for[Will Young] with depression?”

It seemed Piers was in no mood to debate the nuances of his various Twitter posts, though, as Denise revealed a couple of hours later:

Wow. And there was us thinking that Piers Morgan was an advocate for having tough conversations as a way of “moving on” - at least that’s what he said back in January when Ewan McGregor ducked out of an interview with ‘GMB’ after discovering who the host would be.

HuffPost UK contacted a representative for Piers for an official comment, but before they had a chance to reply, we received this tweet:

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