I Just Learned About Pink's 1 Phobia, And I Have No Idea How She's Continued Her Career

I may never recover from this news.
Mauricio Santana via Getty Images

When you think of pop icon Pink, a few things probably come to mind.

The cropped, peroxide-blonde pixie cut. The distinct vocals. And, of course, the So What singer’s amazing acrobatic abilities.

Pink is a trained aerialist and often uses her skills in her concerts.

“I wanted to be an Olympic gymnast before I was a singer. And once you get to fly, why would you not?” she told People in 2023.

“My mum was like, ‘Are you ever going to stay on the ground?’ I was like, ’Yeah, I’m going to stand there [and] lip sync. Sure, that sounds fun.′ No, why would I stay on the ground if I don’t have to?”

This makes the fact that Pink is apparently terrified of heights even more wild.

Come again?

You heard that right. Speaking to The LA Times in 2023, Pink said that the phobia actually encouraged her to take up acrobatics.

“That’s why I started doing it — because I’m afraid of heights, and I don’t want to be afraid,” she said.

“I’ve been in some situations that don’t feel good. I wonder every night if my bungees are gonna work. But it’s a cool way to go if they don’t.”

It might make matters somewhat easier for the three-time Grammy winner that her kids aren’t particularly stressed about her safety in the skies.

After all, “They’ve got Carey Hart blood in them. I mean, he’s worse,” she explained (referring to her motocross racer husband).

It doesn’t doesn’t look like the star’s going to stop soaring any time soon

Despite Scottish comedian Paul Black’s joke-y request that Pink “get doon” for once, the Lady Marmalade singer seems keen to stay in the silks.

“If there was a thing I would’ve stopped [arial acrobatics] for, it would’ve been my kids, but now they get to do it at soundcheck though — we’re all good,” she told People last year.

The star will tour the UK and Ireland this June as part of her Summer Carnival jaunt, so expect to catch some flips and spins if you’re heading along.


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