This Is The Place In The UK Having The Most Sex, Sorry London

We need to move.

Next time you’re thinking about jumping on the property ladder, you might not want to consider your location based on your commute, or whether you can afford the mortgage, but how frequently you want to be having sex.

This is after a new survey revealed that where you live in the UK actually seems to make a massive difference to how many times you get lucky each month.

Yuri_Arcurs via Getty Images

Asking 2,500 Brits about their bedroom habits, the BiggestFreeBets findings, showed that people in the north west of England are having the most sex of all, on average 17 times a month.

By contrast, the lowest figures came from the south west of England, where participants confessed it is more like a meagre two times every month.

Oh dear guys.

In the south east it is approximately 15 times, followed closely by Northern Ireland and the East Midlands at 14 times every four weeks.

Our Welsh cousins are keeping up with the Joneses, at it 10 times a month and if you live in Yorkshire you can expect it twice a week, or eight times a month.

Given the capital is meant to be leading the country, London is disappointingly mid-league in its performance with an average of seven times a month.

Although, after London’s preference for missionary position (over every other exciting option) was revealed last month, who can blame them?

And at the bottom of the table, the north east and Scotland could learn a thing or two from their neighbours in the north west as they have sex four times a month.