26/07/2017 11:50 BST

7 Places You Can Go To Get Your PMQs Fix Now Parliament Is In Summer Recess

Because Wednesday afternoons need to be shouty.

There is no more Prime Minister’s Questions for the next few months as parliament takes its summer recess.

For many some of you, that will come as devastating blow to your Wednesday afternoon routine.

But fear not, as we have come up with a few pastimes that go some way to replicating that rowdy-politicians-shouting-at-each-other void in your life.

1. Head to Oxford Circus tube station at rush hour

Anadolu Agency via Getty Images
So many people, so much potential for arguments

There will inevitably be shouting from station staff, people looking confused and a general sense of frustration in the air. Aka, all the feels you get during PMQs.

2. Attend a live sporting event

Reuters Staff / Reuters
Where loud noises are actively encouraged

The most appropriate place to shout, jeer and make lots of noise. Even if you’re not sure what’s going on, just cheer along anyway - that’s what people in the chamber seem to do sometimes.

3. Eavesdrop on a children’s playground or a park

karenfoleyphotography via Getty Images
One accurate interpretation of MPs at PMQs

Kids bickering and screaming at each other, throwing tantrums, with the potential of some tears, should feel weirdly familiar.

4. Take a trip to a kennel, armed with a treat or squeaky toy

Reuters Photographer / Reuters
Forget the Absolute Boy, visit some Very Good Boys

MPs have been regularly reprimanded in the chamber for barking over each other when trying to get their point across. So this setting should be no different.

5. Walk into an important staff meeting and disagree with what everyone is saying

gmast3r via Getty Images

Just like stepping in an MP’s shoes for the day. For bonus points, enter the meeting shouting “ORDER”.

6. People watch in a busy cafe

CREATISTA via Getty Images
Uh oh

If you’re lucky, some poor barista will get someone’s order mixed up and you can watch and sip your tea, as you do while watching Parliament TV.

7. Go into a toy shop and wind up all the toys

PA Archive/PA Images
Watch them ramble on over each other

All that chatter and noise over each other will help recreate that familiar ambiance of a lack of control. Stand back and admire your work then quickly exit before any annoyed staff approach you.