PMQs Today Without The Shouting: 27 April 2016


It's been a very busy week in British politics - Labour MP Naz Shah was at the centre of an anti-Semitism row, the Brexit campaign has continued, we've seen another junior doctors' strike, and campaigning in the London and local elections is about to peak.

So there's lots for David Cameron and Jeremy Corbyn to face off about - let's take a look at how things progress:

Things kicked off with a tribute to the victims of the Hillsborough disaster:

Corbyn asked about forced academisation, which gave us a bit of déjà vu:

Then came back with a very snarky response when Cameron didn't provide an answer:

So he got his answer:

Cameron got in a big sucker punch on the anti-Semitism row:

But he pronounced "anti-Semites" weirdly and everyone was a bit put off by that:

Corbyn tried to joke again. It didn't land.

And Cameron was a bit smug about it:

Overall things were a bit naff on both sides:

Angus Robertson called on David Cameron to rethink his party's position against taking in 3,000 child refugees:

We saw a few more obviously planted questions from Tories in the House:

Ben Bradshaw used the "non-poncy" version of Nigel Farage's name so that became a big deal:

Despite the fact Bradshaw's hair was doing something really weird at the time:

But Cameron got back to business when asked about Naz Shah:

And Yvette Cooper echoed Angus Robertson's sentiments with a rousing speech: